Not the best start to the day this morning as I managed to run over my colleagues foot in my Yaris. I wasn’t paying attention, keen to get going on the drive to Winchester for the day ahead so I started the engine and pulled away without double checking that everyone was in the car.

Queue a scream like I’ve never heard before and my colleague falling in through the passenger door in floods of tears breathlessly telling me I’d just run over her foot. Shit. In fact I was so scared that deserves capitals – SHIT. I was instantly worried that her foot was trapped and so I slammed the Yaris in to reverse and shot backwards like a scalded cat. Then everything went into slow motion as we leapt out of the car to assess the damage, my heart was pounding, my hands were shaking and I thought I was going to be sick. Thankfully my other colleague the Gentleman Administrator (@GentlemanAdmn) took control, dispatching me to find a first aider who was summoned with the words ‘I shit you not, someone’s just had their foot run over’ which actually made me laugh, I think through nerves more than anything. Thankfully the foot wasn’t broken but it will come up in an impressive bruise and has given her a fetching limp for which I’m sure she’s grateful (not).

I’ve been a week and a bit in the new house and I’m really enjoying it although it’s different to anywhere I’ve lived before. My new housemates seem lovely but it feels very much like they’re all leading their own lives and don’t like to do things en masse so I am spending a lot of time in my room which whilst making me feel a little bit lonely does mean I am getting a lot of work done. Every cloud and all that! I certainly feel a lot more independent having lost my Physics Geek safety net and I think it’s going to be a positive move. I’ve finally unpacked properly, I never used to bother as I was always on the move however this feels different, it feels like somewhere I can learn to call home.

I’d like to take a moment to wish my darling Marmaloid a very happy birthday, I hope you have an amazing day and get everything your little heart desires. Thank you for being my bestest friend in the world, for letting me turn your wedding into a book (and trusting me enough not to read it before it’s published!) and for always being there for me.

I’ve wittered on about this before however Cosmo are hosting a blog awards, with votes for shortlisting closing at the beginning of August. I’d love it if people felt that they could nominate me for shortlisting. This blog means a lot to me and it would be incredible to be in the running for an award however only nominate me if you want to – I’m not going to come round and pelt your house with eggs if you don’t! The web address is http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/your-life/cosmo-blog-awards/special if you feel that way inclined and I promise this is the last time I will mention it!


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