Race for Life

I only freaking did it didn't I! Shaved 3 minutes off last year's time coming in at 39 minutes which considering I did no training, had a couple of glasses of wine last night and my insomnia woke me at 04:47am as per usual I think I did well. I'm chuffed but yet again, glad it's only once a year.

I'm exceptionally proud of my mentoree from work who trained her ass off and managed to shave a whopping TEN minutes off her previous time, she's a wonderwoman!

It felt weird doing it without my cheer squad there this year, last year PG, CG, Bells and the Boyfriend were there every step of the way but I did it on my own today. It kind of summed up how I feel at the moment, my new house is nice but I do feel ever so lonely in it. Spending a lot of time in my room which is great from a 'getting the book finished' point of view but not so much from a 'settling in and making new friends' POV. I have a fabulous social life but sadly for me it's primarily based in other counties. I'm also pretty crap at asking Southampton based friends to do things which stems from an overwhelming lack of self confidence and self esteem for as long as I can remember. Maybe this situation will be the one that makes me change my ways? Only time will tell.

In very exciting news I got a tweet from Jo Elvin, the wonderful editor of GLAMOUR magazine to tell me that she had 'coverlined' my feature. Being new to all this I had to ask what it meant, basically, on the 12th August when you all dash out to buy your copies my feature will be one of the ones they plug ON THE COVER!! *faints* This dream of mine to have a byline in GLAMOUR keeps gaining momentum, someone is going to have to pinch me, I think I'm dreaming!


3 thoughts on “Race for Life

  1. Congratulations, that's brilliant! Clearly wine is good for your health :DHave you thought about looking at a tweet up in your local area to meet a few new peeps? Obviously the London Ladies and Lads are fabulous, but sometimes it helps to meet up with people closer by too. Jelly co-working events are really fun too (http://wiki.workatjelly.com/)Can't wait to see your Glamour article, I subscribe so it usually arrives on the 11th or 12th 🙂

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