Brain Fart

My brain feels like a swamp at the moment as I have so much buzzing round it, I’m heading towards the culmination of a few things that have been bubbling away for months and it will potentially be a real turning point in my future. Trying to make sense of it all when I’m stuck in a limbo situation is proving a bit of a challenge, and being one of life’s planners who feels like she is sat on her hands waiting, I’m itching to get going.

I’m headed back to the ‘Shire for the weekend to celebrate a 21st, a 70th, attend a tea party, (no Mad Hatter’s present) and have an extended family Sunday lunch. I’m really looking forward to it because the whole family don’t get together very often and it will only have been the second or third time my nephews have met each other. I really want to get a photo of our entire clan because currently there isn’t one in existence and I think it would be a nice touch to mark a special occasion with a snap. Plus it would mean I would be able to stop rotating pictures of my nephews on my desktop at work.

I finally feel settled in my new house which is brilliant, banter levels have been increasing and I am reminded on an almost daily basis about why it was such a good idea to move. We have another new housemate moving in at the end of the month so I’ll lose my role as newbie, although I think I popped my housemate cherry when I managed to look after the menagerie for the weekend without killing any of them by accident.

Sorry folks, this has been a bit rubbish this evening but I was sat at my laptop working on the book and so I thought I’d tap something out, lame or not. I promise I’ll be back to my A-game tomorrow but for now I shall bid you adieu and get back to perving over JJ in Big Brother, *ahem* I mean working.


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