"Push Knob For Refund"

Every time I go home I leave a bit more of my heart in Sussex and this weekend it was almost a wrench to get back in the car and hit the road. It was the first time ever that the entire Long Tall Ally clan had been in the same county and barring two members who are currently stuffing themselves on kimchi in South Korea we had a full set of extended family members as well. The weather was unpredictable but mostly sunny and the sea was warm when splashing about in the shallows with the kids and dog and not positively freezing when some of the braver souls went for a swim.

The parental’s is a wonderful place to be in the summer, probably because I’m a total sucker for all that village life shizz. Boules on the village green? Bring it on. Festival week? I’m there muthas. Rockpooling with the kids? Could do it for days. If I thought I could meet a fella under retirement age there I’d move back like a shot and embrace the fact that time seems to stand still and the sun mostly shines.

It’s difficult to capture how lovely the weekend was, old friends, new friends, good old fashioned fun (no ginger beer though) and an ache in my chest from all the sea air. Lots of talking and laughing, great food and great company but my goodness I could do with another weekend to recover.

I had some exciting news on Friday, the chance to leave my job with a very healthy severance package has been placed on the table. I think most people know that I’m not in love with my current job, I think the people I work with are brilliant and I will miss them terribly but gosh, data stuff is NOT the job for me. It’s exciting but I am the sort of person who needs structure and so, now it is finally confirmed, I GET TO PLAN SHIT!! *dances*

ps) Title is an in-joke, sorry! *sniggers*


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