A Great Day

This morning I made a decision that today was going to be a great day. I decided it mentally but then vocalised it by telling Kendo Girl and Hygenious McMenemy (my colleagues), tweeting it AND putting it on Facebook. It was a done deal.

Nothing was different, work was still challenging, I was still exhausted, wishing I wasn't sat at my desk and dreaming of my escape but it was unquestionably, a great day. Every time I caught myself about to let slip with a rant about ineptitude or the fact that it was only Tuesday I reminded myself that 'No, today is a great day' before taking a deep breath and finding another way to deal with it.

I was more focused at work, the day went faster and I found myself enjoying being in the office. *GASP* A lot of things seemed to fall in to place that I've been mulling over too as if I harnessed my chi and aligned my chakras or something.

Following the great day pattern I had more money in my account than expected and it felt like all the lights were on green on the journey home. They might have been all 'green means go' or it may have just been my good mood but it certainly seemed like the Gods were smiling on me.

Normally when I get home from work I have a little disco nap, my insomnia catches up with me and makes a little zizz seem totally irresistible. Not so today! Yes I curled up on my bed with a book and had some downtime but then got on with the bits and bobs I needed to do.

Was this all because I declared today to be a great day? I don't know but I do know it's a trick I'll be repeating in future. I'd also like to thank Linford 'The Lunchbox' Christie for putting the idea of 'P.M.A – Positive Mental Attitude' into my head in the first place. Perhaps if I get some positivity on a more permanent basis I'll be able to tackle my self esteem next.

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