Le Weekend

Great weekend, starting with a trip to the Chalfonts (darling) for the book launch. I bombed up the M3 after work, convinced I was going to be so late that I was in a bit of a panic but of course I was early which only increased my nerves.

I was sat in my car outside worrying like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs convinced that I was either going to wee myself or have a heart attack. Eventually the desire for a tiddle got the better of me and taking a deep breath I wandered in.

I shouldn't have worried, I was greeted like a long lost friend, given a glass of fizz and introduced to the gang who were all, without exception, totally bloomin' lovely. Everyone needs to go and buy 'The (im)Perfect Girlfriend' because a) it's flipping hilarious and b) it's by my friend. I get to call her my friend now as we met and I managed to restrain myself from licking her whilst we got tippers on fizzy wine. Top stuff.

After lots of banter, a Mallory Towers esque sleepover, morning yoga on the lawn and homemade bacon rolls it was time to leave Chalfont St Glamazon. Seriously, they're all stunning, there must be something in the water, the Chalfont Parish Council could set up a water fountain in the town square and turn it in to Lourdes for ugly people who want to be transformed into glossy maned beauties.

Saturday afternoon saw me stuck in traffic then collapsing in to bed for a disco nap the second I got home. I swear I'm too old for fizzy wine. Today I finally managed to crack a little bit of some changes to the book which have been doing my absolute head in, it's only a small chink of light but my gosh it's made all the difference. I was so happy earlier I wanted to dance even if my housemate was cooking the most delicious roast duck and I was having a protein shake.

I've got a post brewing about A Levels and teenagers and all sorts of shizz but it'll have to keep until tomorrow, we're all wide awake in the house but I'm conscious it's Monday in 7 minutes and I need some* beauty sleep! Adios Amigos!

*lots of


One thought on “Le Weekend

  1. "worrying like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs convinced that I was either going to wee myself or have a heart attack"Laughed so hard *I* almost peed. Brilliant phrase.

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