Twizzly Airy Stopper Doodah

Me: 'Hello' (you fairly fit Halfords man)

Him: Good afternoon Madam, How can I help?

Me: (Madam? MADAM?!) Hi, do you sell twizzly airy stopper doodahs?

Him: (rolls eyes) Dust Caps. Far wall. Blue packet

Me: (flustered) oooof thankyou.

So then I stood there like a knob for about ten minutes staring at a gajillion little blue packets on the wall before a nice man plucked a little packet from the masses and passed it to me with a wink.

I didn't conquer Halfords or do anything to reverse the 'women know shit about cars' stereotype today, in fact I probably added to it ten fold but I did tick 'buy twizzly airy stopped doodah' off my to-do list so it wasn't all bad.

I've suddenly gone all autumnal, broken out the scarves, started wearing lots of grey and this evening I dyed my hair 'Blackcurrant: Deep Burgundy' (Yes regular readers it was Garnier 'Nutrisse means Nourish') and painted my nails a plummy pink. Bring on the cold weather and an excuse to wear snuggly jumpers and cuddle under blankets (with a hot man please).

Speaking of hot men, I was contacted on a dating site recently by a fella who although seemed like a pretty decent guy used the WORST opener I think I've ever heard…

"You look like a member of my family, I like your look, or maybe we met in a previous life?"

My first instinct was to delete and move on however I felt such a bad line had to be shared with the masses on certain social networks. The masses then tried to convince me to go on a date with this chappie because it would be 'great blog fodder'. I must have very persuasive friends because I logged back in to the site to send a message saying 'Okay big boy. Dinner. You're on' (Or words not quite to that effect).

I couldn't do it though… I just couldn't bring myself to potentially spend an evening with a man who might call me Mummy by mistake. Sorry girls!!


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