The reappearance of…..

My office is in a state of flux at the moment that means that lucky visitors to our little corner of hell get to traipse through the kitchen to get to us, only to be greeted by the back of my chair and my desperate attempts to pretend I haven’t noticed them so I can get on with what I’m doing. I knew someone was behind me this morning but I was on the phone and so couldn’t deal, I turned round to make sure someone was on their way to assist when I clocked who it was stood at the edge of my desk.

The Bottom.

He of the cute tush and the nice face who yours truly had a work based crush on a few months back. He who Kendo Girl, The Powerplate Princess and I successfully ‘investigated’ (alright, stalked) until we realised he knew a friend of TPP and had met KG at a bbq (enough acronyms there?). Messages were exchanged and then the holy grail – a Facebook friend request……. That’s where it all started to get butt clenchingly awkward, neither of us seemed sure if we should say hello when we saw each other round campus so we didn’t, and then after a polite period had passed we started to actively cross the road to avoid each other. I should have not been a massive girlpants and just marched over to say hello the first time I saw him but what I did was clock him and then pretend to be massively interested in my feet. It could have been worse I suppose, I mean I could have smashed into a lamppost or parked car whilst staring at my shoes. I’ve walked into various things whilst casually tweeting let alone furiously trying to avoid making eye contact with a fittie.

So there he was, stood at the edge of my desk and I was staring at him. Thankfully only a split second passed so I was able to not look like (too much of) a nob by giving a slight nod and turning back to my computer, my face already on fire. He wandered off to find my colleague and together they disappeared to a meeting. I thought that would be the end of it, I thought we’d be able to go back to not seeing each other even though he works in the building next to me. I thought wrong. Three times in one day he came in to torment me further, each time making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Today, walking in to the shop for lunch not really paying attention to where I was going and I end up almost walking right squack into him. Not my finest hour. We then danced round each other through the aisles, ended up at the tills together and walked out of the door shoulder to shoulder. He went left and although that’s the way I normally go, I went right to avoid more time in the company of the bottom. Bugger, I glanced back and he’d changed his mind at the last moment and yep, he was gaining ground on my left shoulder. I sped up, he sped up, I sped up more and then as I thought he was about to speak I peeled off to the right leaving him to go straight on. Phew!


4 thoughts on “The reappearance of…..

  1. Wait… so you're friends with him on Facebook and you link to your blog posts on Facebook… and you gave a detailed description of your antics on Dancing in the Supermarket? At least you've given him a good nickname!

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