I’ve been doing a bit of a rehash of the book, attempting to get to know my characters a bit more and to pass this knowledge on to the reader as well as re-jigging the plot and adding some sparkly vampires and a nemesis who can’t be named….

Having spent hours answering inane questions about my characters to ‘get inside them’ (not like that, filthy!) I’d been avoiding committing any thoughts about the plot to the A3 card I’d bought as I was scared of making a mistake and having to cross something out so I did quite a lot of sitting cross legged on the floor staring blankly at the great white sheet in front of me. I decided to channel the drawling Californian therapist I have lurking inside me and investigate my character’s emotional journeys. (Out of interest, my internal drawling Californian therapist looks like Rachel Zoe but sounds like Loyd Grossman). Getting it plotted on paper made things a lot clearer and suddenly I had a ULRIKA moment!

Okay so technically it was a eureka moment but having been tickled by the way the Ultimate Big Brother housemates seemed to call Ulrika, Eureka, I thought I’d flip it on it’d head. You know, whatevs. My pen was dancing across the pages as I added layer upon layer of goodness to the plot, I felt totally inspired and fired up to get cracking with the rewrites, until I had a little sit down on the sofa in order to regain some feeling in my feet. Then it was game over as I grabbed a hoody, my wonderful Fat Face fleecy socks and a blanket and curled up for a night of utter trash telly. Perfetto!

I have a quick apology to make: The 2nd September was a special day and I completely overlooked it as I was mired in my depressive little fug. So, apologies and belated Happy Birthday to http://www.longtallally.com – we’ve entered the terrible two’s folks, hang on to your hats!


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