Archive Diving

*Ring ring, ring ring* Hello?

Yes, that is the sound of me phoning this blog post in cos I’m off on a minibreak. Sadly there isn’t a handsome man waiting outside in his vintage Jaguar ready to whisk me away to the Cotswolds, I’m going on a minibreak from blogging because I keep using my best lines here when really I should be saving them for the book! I’m working on a rehash at the moment and so just want to take a little week or so to focus entirely on that.

In the mean time I’ve been back through the past two years and dredged up some of my favourites. Apologies to readers who have been here from the beginning but this is going over old ground for you guys. I hope you stick with me until I’m back. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, @thelongtallally if you want to keep up with my low level swearing and banging my head against things when I get writer’s block.

For now, I bid you farewell, I’ll be back in early October – mark it in your diaries! xx

Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do

Blast From The Past: Have Yourself A Coke, Alcohol, Music and Fun Free Merry Little Christmas

Long Tall Ally Goes Lesbian

Scunthorpe V Man United

What’s a Sexual Hand Grenade?

Happy Re-Birthday To Me

Am I Normal? NO

Jack and the Giant Chair

Offering Shade

Match Mayhem

If You Have Half a Brain

Pretentiousness Thy Name Is Long Tall Ally

I’d Like One of Your (Non) Creamy Shots Please Barman

Wax Candle

My Route March Remedy


The Fuck It Button”

Love Letters Of A Great Man

Booze Blues and Lady Love

Farewell To The Old Me

Twat Magnets & Nigerian Husbands


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