#90: Have a byline in GLAMOUR

I didn’t think I’d be able to tick this one off the list for a very long time. It all came about by accident on Twitter, one of those happy happenstances that you don’t imagine occurring in a million years. The editor of GLAMOUR, Jo Elvin tweeted that she wished all her readers could help her write her Editor’s Letter for the upcoming edition of the magazine. Without thinking about it I replied saying ‘If I was writing your letter, I’d advise your readers to read this hilarious blog’ and sent her the link to this place.

I didn’t think any more of it until she replied saying ‘Get in touch, we want to commission you x’ – OH MY GOD. It snowballed and then before I knew it I was out buying 6 copies of my favourite magazine to see my first ever byline and ticking another thing off my list.


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