'Torrance has got the fever people'*

I am in the zone. THE ZONE. I’m like a woman possessed by the spirit of someone who actually has a concentration level above that of a fruit fly with adhd and who has swung back around to liking and being proud of the book I’m working on. Mega break through. I’d reached the middle section of the new revised material and was massively fed up with it, had run out of steam and wanted to throw in the towel thinking a) I’d never get it finished and b) it was a steaming pile of turd anyway so what was the point.

Then I sat down with a hot cuppa** on our big squishy sofa with my laptop and read. I laughed, I got misty eyed and more than that I reignited my passion for the project, something I had definitely been lacking. I think it’s also got a lot to do with the fact that I leave my job in THIRTY SIX DAYS (*faints*) and actually although I have applied for an amazing new job, I’d also quite like to start making some money from writing with a view to doing it full time. I think that may have inspired the spurt of creativity as I romp towards the finish line of working full time. I also discovered a piece of software called ‘Write or Die’ which I can highly recommend if you’re a born procrastinator or have difficulty concentrating like me. You tell it how many words you want to write and how long you want to spend doing them and then you start typing. It has various levels of ‘evil’ ranging from playing a harsh noise if you stop typing for a few seconds too long up to actually starting to delete the words you’ve already written. It’s simply brilliant and has got me churning out the words at a rate of knots which I then have to spend a long time editing but hey, at least I have something to edit right?

Oh yeah, the job thing. Well I was/am planning on going travelling but then this job presented itself to me and honestly, it’s my dream job (other than becoming a best selling author naturally) so I’ve taken a gamble and applied. If I get it then we’ll see what happens, it’s fixed term so I’m neither signing my life away or the dream trip I have planned in meticulous detail (yay ocd!). If I don’t get it then in terms of moving the book forward it might not be the best time to go off gallivanting anyway. So a bit of a state of flux but all very exciting and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with all of you.

*Anyone recognise the movie?
**glass of water, I don’t drink tea.


3 thoughts on “'Torrance has got the fever people'*

  1. The Shinning – All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.Have you tried writing with Omm writer? Simply brilliant. Use it on my MacBook all the time. Takes away distractions & makes me feel all Zen.

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