'Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Well not for you lot, for some of you it is Thanksgiving and for others it is just Thursday but hey, I like to do things differently.

Christmas has always been a moveable feast for my family, Dad worked abroad when my brother and I were growing up and so sometimes we'd get lucky and celebrate twice. Nowadays my Dad and Stepmum go to their place in Spain over the entire festive season so our clan likes to get together early for our own celebration.

I've been amazed by some reactions to our way of doing things, some people have gotten into the spirit of it wishing me 'Merry Christmas' and one particular friend sent me a special Christmas card however others have openly mocked and complained about the way we do things. It seems some people have a real problem with it but I'd like to suggest they're overlooking the real joy of Christmas which is surely spending time with loved ones and not how many presents you get under the tree.

Proper Christmas is always difficult since Mum died, I always want to hide away with my head under my duvet and emerge fresh faced in the New Year ready for new challenges. I know it's just another day but for some reason a little black thundercloud filled with emotion settles over my head on the 23rd December and I stay cloudy until past Boxing day. That's why I relish my fake little Christmas in November as I get all the fun of the season without being put through the emotional wringer of those few days in December.

So for now I'll wish you a Happy Christmas, I'd love to say I'm off to gorge on food, booze and choccies but I'm on a diet!


One thought on “'Twas the Night Before Christmas…

  1. Im the same,I cant get excited about christmas. I like the break but thats it.People dont get why I dont put up any decorations, but its just my way of showing respect to my Mummy (and now my Daddy too), that something is missing and I havent forgotten if you get me.Its nice to read that Im not alone in how I feel about Christmas.xoxoxoxo

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