My Miranda Rights

For my non UK readers, there is currently a show on BBC Two called ‘Miranda’ which stars comedian Miranda Hart in a sitcom about a fairly klutzy woman who has an overbearing mother, a short blonde best friend and an ability to put her foot in it and fall over at any opportunity, she’s also loveable bordering on annoying, slightly bumbling and a lot OTT. I know that her character is ramped up for the glitzy world of television but what concerns me slightly is that I’m now well into double figures of people who have told me I am ‘just like Miranda’. That’s the ramped up Miranda that appears on the television not the serene sophisticated Miranda that I am sure she is in real life.

I’ve heard it from my Stepmum who says it is almost painful to watch as we’re so alike, my old boss, various close friends and even some people who don’t know me that well or even in real life (Hello Twitter). Is it just a height thing? For the record Miranda Hart is 6’1 and also has a bottom, I mean obviously everyone has a bottom but Miranda just like yours truly has a bottom or junk in her trunk to use the vernacular. At first it was flattering being compared to a successful comedian who has her own television show, it was the equivalent of being told I was funny enough to be ont’ telly right?

The more I’ve been thinking about it though the more it wants to make me crawl into a hole and hide for the next ten years, I mean who really wants to be thought of as a posh giant klutzy bird who people mistake for a man. Miranda is a figure of fun, the fall guy for the majority of the jokes and regularly embarrasses herself causing hilarity for other people. Is that how I present myself? Plus there is the fact that I doubt there is room for more than one posh klutzy big bottomed woman in the comedy circles so if I ever were to branch out into that realm, she’s stolen my niche.

Perhaps this is a clarion call that I should work on cultivating a sophisticated air (I’ve started wearing perfume to go to bed, not sure what that’s all about but it’s clearly a step in the right direction) and float around on a cloud of heavenliness although I think that would make me lose the very essence of Long Tall (Eccentric) Ally.


4 thoughts on “My Miranda Rights

  1. Yeah ok so Miranda can be a figure of fun but lets not forget she’s got the gorgeous Gary after her, everyone loves her and she makes people laugh – exactly what I’d want in a friend so don’t let it make you cringe too much.Be proud you’ve got the gorgeous, funny, talented traits x x x

  2. Having met you in person, I assure you the comparison is not physical. However, it is undeniable that you and the outstanding Miranda, share the same, humour, wit, and delivery, along with some mannerisms that are simply uncanny.

    Those who compare you, like I have done, mean it in the most flattering way because lets face it, you & she are both brilliantly funny, not in a slapstick,lame way, but because you are both clever & witty!! Embrace it angel, it is absolute flattery, I wish both you and her could see past being tall with curves….it’s not why people adore you xxxx

    1. Ahh my lovely communal wife, thank you for being so sweet! Being taller than most is difficult because like most women you can’t help but compare yourself to other women, and when they come up to your shoulder it’s all a bit much sometimes.

      You’re amazing xx

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