Gathering Speed

I have been remiss in updating the blog which is a little bit odd given I've been unemployed for a week with plenty of spare time – I've not even resorted to watching shit telly yet, I've just had *stuff* to do.

So let's go back to Thurday 16th December and I'll even pretend to be the ghost of Christmas past if you like! My penultimate day at work found me going out for a 'quick' post work drink with some of my favourite colleagues. Four spritzers later and it was definitely time to go home. I fell through my front door, the fear of being unemployed hit me like a mack truck and, after a nice text from a friend (which turned out to be sarcasm) I burst into tears. The tears set off a nosebleed and the desire for a curry. I was a bit of a mess. Curry arrived, had more tears and a few mouthfuls before dashing off to be sick and dragging my sorry arse to bed at 9pm. What a loser.

Friday was the big day and thankfully it passed without a hitch or more tears on my account – I'm sure my colleagues sobbed like babies after I left! I'm glad my boss Hans didn't go too hard on me and thankfully he failed to find my UCAS personal statement from nine years ago which would have been mortifying! Friday night a group of us went out for my friend/colleague's (frolleague?) birthday which was lovely and made me realise how much I'm going to miss the lucky buggers who got to work with me!

Saturday was the annual 'Urban Family Christmas' with my uni friends, this time hosted by Mg and Chopper Boy in a picturesque snowy village in Dorset. We went for a snowy walk which soon turned into a snowball fight in the village (the community orchard (!) was utilised in the fight) and we saw the requisite sledging kids as well as the rather unusual 'man with snowboard strapped to his back.

A delicious meal followed and then it was back home to put jammies on, crack open the gin and play boys V girls boardgames which almost ended in a divorce or two. Having made it to Dorset through the snow I was buggered if a bit of snow was going to stop Boris Backer, Prince Harry and I from getting up to London to see the Amateur Transplants. As expected, they were well worth the trip and if you get the chance and don't mind a few (alright a lot of) swear words you definitely have to see them.

Monday the 20th and my first day of freedom dawned, I say it dawned but actually I didn't see it choosing instead to spend all day in bed, watching iplayer, reading and napping and it was bloody blissful. Tuesday brought with it a massive feeling of guilt about not having turned my laptop on and a phonecall with my mentor & all round eighth wonder of the world, Lucy-Anne Holmes. I'm eternally grateful to her because having read my manuscript she had some very thought provoking ideas for how to develop the book further which has got me fired up and ready to tackle it. Come the 4th January when I go 'back to work' of course!!

Sorry this is a bit of a phoned in post, normal service will resume when I've stopped gorging on chocolate and sloshing gin about! Hope you're all having very merry Christmases whetever you are and whoever you're with.

Lots of festive love and kisses XX


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