Annual Review

Those words used to fill me with horror as they meant seemingly endless hours of meetings trying to remember what we’d been working on over the past year and how much of a success or monumental cock up it had been. At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve I officially became unemployed however and so now the only annual review I’ll be involved in is of my personal life.

I’ve been searching through my memory banks to drag up highs and lows of 2010 and thinking about what lessons they have taught me that I can take in to 2011. The past year has gone past in an absolute blur and so my memory is pretty shoddy which may be a by-product of some epic nights out.

2010 is the year in which I had my first byline, in GLAMOUR magazine, something I had dreamed of but never imagined would come true. I also had my first international byline in South African GLAMOUR which was beyond my wildest dreams and won’t feel real until I have a hard copy of it in my hands.

It was the year I made some wonderful and very special new friends and sadly said goodbye to some others, the year when I realised just how loved I am and also how much love I have to give a special someone. I had a dalliance with a very tall emotionally stunted man, a date with a boring giant and ended the year as I started still looking for Mr Right…

I faced up to some health issues and realised that there isn’t any shame in asking for help, started taking responsibility for my health and wellbeing and made more of an effort to be a better daughter, sister and aunt. I’ve loved spending time with my nephews and being entrusted with looking after them, a sure sign to me that I’m getting to where I want to be in my family role.

It’s the year in which I got my upper arms out for the first time as an adult (woo go me!) and had one of the best days of my life with my new friends watching Kings of Leon in Hyde Park in glorious sunshine. I also said farewell to the Physics Geek as we went our separate ways after five years. At the time I thought my world was ending but it’s been nothing but a positive move. I realised I was using him like a safety blanket and had totally lost my independence. I’d become a limpet and I shall be forever grateful to him for making me wise up and face the world head on and alone.

The biggest thing in my year though has been taking the plunge and leaving paid employment to follow my dreams. I have no clue how it is going to pan out and I’m pretty much a bundle of nerves muddled with excitement about what’s in store but I’m hopeful that it’s going to be a wise decision.

Bring on 2011 the year in which I have resolved to be kinder to myself, to not sell myself short and to ignore the voice inside that wants to bring me down. I also want it to contain lots more fun, adventures and challenges and perhaps a little romance? The key message that I’m taking in to the new year is that I need to value myself more and not settle for second best. It applies to every area of my life but none more than my love life which is why I decided to totally eradicate Columbus from my life, and my mobile. Gone is the number, the texts and the call history. I’m not going to waste precious moments thinking about someone that doesn’t deserve me.

2011 – I think you’re going to be alright you know?


4 thoughts on “Annual Review

  1. You keep going! You have been brave and the world favours those that are brave – I am positive your dreams WILL come true in 2011 and you will have an awesome year.AM looking forward to sharing some of it with you as a new friend. A lot of what you have said resonates with my 2010 and I have a LOT to look at and sort before I can fully embrace 2011!We will get there and to our Mr Rights x

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