Day One

Waking up this morning to my alarm clock felt ever so weird, the first day back from the Christmas holidays is never a fun wake up however this one was rather different as I now have the flexibility to stay in bed all day if I so choose. The thought of rolling over and going back to sleep flickered across my mind but as I’m determined to treat this downtime to work on the book like a proper job and, wanting to stay on the right side of my new boss, I silenced the little voice and hopped out of bed.

On went the laptop and still in my pyjamas I got down to work bashing out 1000 words before taking a little break to shower, get dressed and watch Jezza Kyle dole out some tough love. I think I could get used to working from home aka whilst lying on my bed and I must say I’m massively relieved to see that I have the self discipline to get on and do some work.

Speaking of which….


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