Err Whoops…

So ‘Snooze and Jacuzze’ the post I hit publish on before I was ready and then had to recall hasn’t seen the light of day yet, I apologise.

Basically I went for a weekend away at the Goodwood Park Hotel with a friend and it was utter utter bliss, some snooze, lots of jacuzze, great food, wine and company. Just what the Doctor ordered! Of course now it seems like fifty nine million light years away and I could definitely do with Pat Sharp popping up to shout ‘Let’s re-run the fun!’ whilst flanked by two pneumatic blonde sorts.

I’ve been getting stuck in on ‘releasing the dolphins’ as Marmaloid says, I went out and bought a wii fit and have actually been *enjoying* myself dancing about like a tit, doing yoga in the mornings and hammering out a step class or two in the evenings before bed. Of course then I decided to go and get my eyes zapped and have had a few days off the old exercise, I did try getting my sweat on whilst wearing swimming goggles but I felt like such a massive nob even with my curtains closed that I knocked that one on the head until my eyes have healed a little bit more.

Ahh yes, the laser surgery. Fuck me it was traumatic! Excuse my French but really, it was awful and even as much as halfway through I was tempted to shout ‘STOP’ and dash out clutching my eyeballs, but I managed to grit my teeth and get through it. Looking back it I suppose it was sort of funny, I got the giggles big time as soon as my bum hit the chair so kept getting told off by the Doctor. Because he kept telling me off I was getting stressed and so decided the best thing to do was hold my breath so I didn’t giggle but then he started to tell me off not breathing and so I was then left to try and not giggle like a schoolgirl whilst trying to breathe normally and trying not to move all whilst being told to ‘look at the green light’ that I couldn’t see because one eye was covered in gauze and the other was being held in place by some contraption that made it feel like it was going to pop.

Thursday night was interesting, lying on the sofa with my sunglasses on and my eyes closed trying to make sense of what was happening in Hollyoaks whilst apologising for shouting every few seconds. I wasn’t talking above a normal level but kept thinking I was due to being blind. I also managed to make the right hand side of my mouth totally numb by missing my eye and putting my painkiller drop into my mouth, a) blech and b) I was then blind and partially mute/dribbling. ATTRACTIVE.

Having had to knock the vigorous exercise on the noggin until such time as the flaps in my eyes heal up I have felt myself start a backwards slide into ‘Kevin the Teenager’ mode. Could I actually be missing working out? Could I have found a way to regulate my mood? In addition to all the mind bending drugs I take too of course. It’ll be interesting to see if I get rid of the rage attacks when I start pounding the wii again but for the moment, parental guilt induced screaming will begin in 5…4…3…2… AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!


2 thoughts on “Err Whoops…

  1. i love this – i will now be up to date with your lovely blog as i have just discovered google reader! am also delighted that at last you have follow on your page so i can follow!! yippee xxx lots of love x

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