*Humming Thunderbird’s theme tune*

Kevin the Teenager has departed this fair shore. As patricide and stepmatricide are still illegal as far as I’m aware I had to resort to other measures to get dear old Pa & Stepma to hush their gums for a bit – signing up with a recruitment agency. I bashed my CV over to a couple and sat back thinking that it would be an age before I heard from them and I could get away with fobbing my parental units off by reiterating that I was ‘bloody looking for a job MMKAY?’

Sod’s law dictated then that I was contacted by an agency yesterday who asked me to go in today as they had several roles to discuss with me. Getting to the temp agency and realising that I used to work with the Manager was rather amusing, we spent quite a long time talking about the ‘good old days’ *cough* before getting down to the nitty gritty of job hunting. The great thing about knowing the Manager was that she knew what I liked and didn’t like and so straight away hit on two roles that I wanted to jump at. My CV has been sent forward for a role in a company that I would never have dreamed would have a Head Office in Hampshire and would chew my arm off to work for and I’m starting a temp role on Monday morning for another company. At 08:15. ARGH.

Getting up and being awake and alive and cheery at that time in the morning could be rather difficult considering I’ve had six weeks of getting up when I want after going to bed when I want which is usually late on both counts! Without giving too much away, I’m basically going to be a Thunderbird for a few weeks, working in an international emergency response company. I haven’t been able to shift the Thunderbirds theme from my head since I found out what I’d be doing, I just have to hope I don’t start humming it out loud or I run the risk of becoming ‘that weird temp which wouldn’t be good.

So wish me luck, back into the world of work I go. Now, where’s Parker?


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