Makeup & Memories

When I was in my early teens I used to love going to Bentalls department store in Worthing with Mum because I knew it would mean a visit to the Clinique counter. Mum and I would both come away with some little green goodies, hers bought and paid for and mine stolen. Just kidding, the Clinique lady would always send me away with samples and the free gift with purchase things even if Mum hadn’t bought the right product. Let’s just say I think it was about keeping a regular customer sweet by buttering up her daughter!

I still have Mum’s makeup bag in my ‘special things to keep forever’ box, I don’t look at it very often but sometimes I just take it out and sit remembering all the times I watched Mum sat at her dressing table putting her makeup on. The scent gets me every time, it hasn’t lost its potency in almost 13 years. I close my eyes and inhale and there I am back on ‘half-acre’ (the name for my parent’s gigantic bed), Mum sat at her beautiful light up mirror surrounded by little green palettes of Cliniquey goodness. A final spritz of Rive Gauche by YSL and she’d be good to go, understated and gorgeous.

I must have been about fourteen when Mum finally gave in and bought me my very first lipstick, from Clinique of course.

I bet you’re imagining me as a fourteen year old little goth girl now aren’t you with black nails, badly dyed hair, pale skin and dark lips right? Actually Clinique Black Honey is a deep blackened raisin colour which is so sheer it just gives a slick of colour that is a real ‘my lips but better’ shade on me. I loved it right down to the nub, was gutted when Clinique discontinued it and have been searching for something that could compare ever since.

That search is over *breathes massive sigh of relief*.

The feeling when I realised that Clinique were once again selling Black Honey can only be described as utterly joyful. I know it’s just a lipstick, or really a glorified lipgloss but not only do I love how it looks on, I love the memories it brings. Long live Black Honey!


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