Jammy Dodgy

29, I think you’re going to be the best one yet. Things seem to be falling in to place in the nicest way to ensure the last year of my twenties is going to be an absolute cracker. But firstly I’d like to offer massive congratulations to Cornflake and Loulabella who have taken the plunge and got engaged! Some might say ‘about bloody time too’ (and I confess, I was one of them) but seriously guys it couldn’t happen to two nicer people. Yay you!

On Friday night I joined in on a Thunderbird night out which started at the pub next door to base and went via an all you can eat Chinese and Indian buffet with shedloads of wine before ending in a Bedford Place bar doing shots called ‘Jammy Dodgers’ which finished me off and sent me home to collapse into bed to dribble on my pillow. The shot comes in a sugar lined glass and is just Chambourd and double cream so shouldn’t be all that potent but oh my days it hits the spot and before you know it your legs are wibbling about beneath you and you’re grinning inanely whilst hugging someone who could potentially be your new boss.

Having been flip-flopping back and forth about my birthday and swinging wildly between having a massive celebration or hiding under a duvet pretending it wasn’t happening before settling on having a quiet weekend and letting it pass me by gently it was nice to end up spending it with some wine all snugged up at home. No (imagined in my mental head) pressure, no (again imagined in my mental head) drama just low key fun. I feel bad that I didn’t have a big celebration as I have so many wonderful friends but sometimes my head just gets utterly mangled and builds things up into this massive deal that makes me flounce about muttering ‘I vant to be alone’ with one hand pressed to my forehead like the bloody drama queen that I am. So I apologise to all my lovely friends that I was such a larry letdown about it and next year I PROMISE to forego the impromptu drinking and snuggles and have such a massive celebration you’ll all get bored and beg for mercy.

The biggest shock of the weekend has definitely been the news that PG the world’s most notorious bachelor has gone and got himself a bloody girlfriend. A living, breathing, actual girlfriend – I almost fainted in shock. I must admit it did make me want to stamp my feet a little bit whilst ranting that he didn’t even bloody WANT a relationship due to being the world’s most independent man but thankfully I remembered in time that it was my TWENTYninth birthday, not my ninth so I zipped my lip. We’re yet to meet ‘Metatarsal’ (so called because PG broke her foot one of the first times they met) but I know we’re all looking forward to clocking the woman who has tamed the rabid beast. And meet her we will because plans are currently afoot to celebrate the Computer Geek’s big 3-0 with a long weekend in Amsterdam with Belles & The Boyfriend, CG & Jet, PG & Metatarsal and….. Me. Table for 7 anyone? *pout* It’ll be ripping good fun regardless of me being the spinster friend but at the same time it would also be nice to be able to make it a nice round 8.

Sunday dawned and brought with it a white wine hangover and a family lunch where thanks to a tumble dryer malfunction I ended up wearing heels, a gorgeous top from Monsoon, a sparkly thing in my hair and JOGGING BOTTOMS. It was definitely a ‘look’ however rather than looking as though I had my finger on fashion’s pulse, it looked like I was either an escaped mental patient or more embarrassingly like a female Will McKenzie from the Inbetweeners who turns up in the pub dressed in a similar fashion after shitting himself in a Politics exam. A classy way to start off being a refined 29 year old woman wouldn’t you say?

29 doesn’t feel so scary now I’m in it as it did from the other side of it, nor was it too scary to get a text reminding me to ‘make the most of the next 365 days’ before I can no longer tick the ’25-29’ box. Great things coming up this year, beginning with karaoke in Londinium tonight for Mini Nizzle’s 25th – Happy birthday little one! xxx


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