Ooh it was all a bit weird yesterday wasn’t it. The highlights (apart from being on Radio One obviously) were getting some lovely messages from listeners to say they thought I was nice and also hearing that my little Bush baby nephew recognised my voice on air, pointed and said ‘Ahh isss’ (Alice). How cool is that?! My day only increased in weirdness when my housemate came home and pranced into the living room holding a bright pink ‘She-Wee’ ready for her trip to Everest base camp. It was like a little watering can with a long thin spout and a top part that looked like it has been designed to fit neatly between a lady’s ladylips. Which I suppose it has actually but still, *shudders*. I was a little disconcerted to hear talk of the recommendation for a practice in the shower but I shall gloss over thoughts of that with sending lots of very best wishes for a successful trek up the mountain! I think it’s a lovely story as Doolittle (my housemate, mad on animals), her brother Wafro (housemate, has a white man afro) and their parents are going on a family trip up to base camp because they are relatives of Colonel Sir George Everest (as in Everest the mountain not Everest the double glazing company). All I can say is rather them than me, the preparations have been scary enough without the thought of actually having to do it. The house is going to be dead quiet without them around, I’m not sure I’m going to like it being so empty, I might have to dose up on extra bunny snuggles and trips to the gym.

Speaking of which I’m off to my new gym today, with my new gym buddy Lipglossiping to attack the machines with a vengeance (or more likely have a bash on the x-trainer and a good old gossip). It’s one of these new fangled 24hr gyms that has popped up so yours truly has to try and remember a pin number to get in the door as well as trying not to trip over the laces of my trainers and go base over apex in front of a room full of hardbodied wonder kids. It’s also about time I issued an APB for the Southampton area as on Monday night my big white wobbly thighs are getting an airing alongside the delectable Wind&Grind at my local pool for aqua fit or ‘double mermaid’ as she likes to call it because you do some flailing in the shallow end followed by some more flailing in the deep end. An hour and a half of synchronised drowning, *and* a chance to flash my wobbly bits, ooh such fun! Actually I’m really looking forward to it and am glad I get to go with W&G because it’s exactly the sort of thing I’d be too damn chicken shit to even think about doing on my own. In anticipation of being a gym bunny with Lipglossiping I went and bought a new pair of trainers but given that mine were a shameful eight years old, stank to high heaven and were falling apart (at least that shows signs of use!) it was definitely time to kiss them goodbye before they grew the ability to walk off on their own. Now that I own some boxfresh trainers so bright that it hurts my eyes to look at them what I really want is a sparkly new Adidas tracksuit like Sue Sylvester from Glee. That way Lipglossiping can get a Cheerios outfit and we can recreate our favourite moments from the gang at McKinley High. Amazing right?


2 thoughts on “She WHAT?

  1. Why did I just read that as, 'it was definitely time to kiss them goodbye before they grew the ability to WANK OFF on their own'?! There's something wrong with my brain. This does all sound good – I've just started going to Zumba with my bestie. Made the mistake of asking my mum along as thought it'd be funny. Yeah it's not. She dances to her own beat with her own moves and says 'doesn't matter as long as you're moving does it!'. 'Barrassing.

  2. how exciting! very daunting joining a gym but lovely to go with someone and i am sure you will get into it. aswell as everything else i find its a great mood booster. good luck 🙂 x

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