Is 20 Plenty?

I love those little signs near schools with the cute picture of the snail and the slogan ’20 is plenty’ – it rolls off the tongue so nicely which is handy because the campaigners would be a bit fecked if it didn’t, the only other rhyme I could come up with it ’50 is nifty’ which rather undermines the point of the campaign.

20 as an age is a whole different ballgame however, for one thing it feels like another lifetime for me which in many ways it was. At 20 I was cruising towards dropping out of uni and going into The Priory which is remarkably different to the experience of most 20 year olds who are usually far more easygoing and untroubled than yours truly was. Which is why it’s a bit weird to be in flirtatious communications with a carefree 20 year old rugby player – it’s making me feel a bit like a prude, a frump and a woman who is destined to be single because she’s too chicken sh*t to relax and go with the flow.

I just can’t trust a man who claims to fancy me or want to spend time with me in a ‘more than friends’ way, I simply don’t believe them and instantly feel like I’m the butt of some joke that I’m not in on. It seems this is especially true when it’s a fit younger man who could have any girl he wanted – one of those skinny gorgeous girls who has been drop kicked through Topshop for example. Mr Scrum Half says that he could have had a Page 3 girl party in the bar where we met and he still would have wanted to spend time with me – something part of my head is trying its hardest to convince me is utter bulldust but is nevertheless a proclamation that I’m trying to believe in because buried deep beneath the negative stuff is a teeny tiny part of me that is doing cartwheels.

I’m catching up with Mr Scrum half over the Easter weekend, and I’m very much going to try and chill out and enjoy whatever may happen. The thought of getting anywhere near undressed or doing sexy time with him though makes me feel sick at the thought of unleashing my flabby thighs or wobbly stomach on a stacked energetic 20 year old stud. Does anyone have any tips on how to chill out in his presence without getting absolutely shedded and vomiting into my handbag? I need to keep myself from going into total potential sexual liaison overdrive…


2 thoughts on “Is 20 Plenty?

  1. This all sounds very exciting! I can understand your reservations but the only way you can get through it is to embrace and enjoy it x You are great company and I am sure you will have a brilliant time! have a glass of wine and take a large leap into the unknown 🙂 x

  2. You must remember that you attract people to you cause you are quite probably the loveliest bubbliest person invented, and it's that what makes you sexy lovely confident other nice words. Failing that, boobs is boobs to men, and so long as there's a place to put their thingy, they don't mind too much what's around it, unless they're arrogant cocks, in which case you definitely don't want them in your bed anyway!! SO THERE.

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