Viva Las Vegas?

If you track me on Twitter or follow me on Facebook you’ll have heard me wanging on about the Fox Rent a Car road trip and begging for you to vote for me. I thought I’d make it a triple whammy and bang on about it here for a little moment of your time to really complete the set.

Fox Rent a Car are sponsoring a 16 day road trip from LA and are looking for two more bloggers to join the party – I have submitted a 60 second video about why I think I should be chosen and hopefully the combination of votes, video content and my sparkling personality will pull through for me and I’ll find myself jetting off to the city of Angels for the trip of a lifetime which for me it really would be.

It’s just a coincidence that the trip is 16 days long and I’ve lost 16 stone but you have to admit, it’s got a nice ring to it huh? It feels like every day on the road I’d be able to kiss goodbye to a stone that has been literally weighing me down for over a decade. It’ll take me outside of my comfort zone and give me a wealth of new experiences, memories and a proper boost to my confidence. Some of you may be thinking ‘it’s only a free holiday’ but I’m viewing it as a fresh start, the beginning of the new ‘carefree not scared to do new things who cares if my thighs are baggy and my arms wobble Ally’.

In my head I have a picture of cruising down a wide open highway with the sun on my face, arms flung in the air (without a care about my bingo wings) singing at the top of my lungs to some great music – you could help that dream become reality by voting! It’s as simple as clicking the thumbs up under my video, feel free to comment on it too if you want and remember you can vote from different computers/phones and have each vote count. Vote early, vote often! Also feel free to share this blog and the voting link with your friends – the voting closes on Friday so I won’t pester you for too much longer.

click here to vote please!


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