FloMo Brought Back My Mojo

Don't worry Dad and assorted olds that read this, it's not going to be like the blog where I told you all about the first time I had s.e.x in five years don't panic! There will be low level snogging and first base behaviour that might put you off your lunch a little bit so tread carefully mmkay?

After muchos toing and froing on the subject with a little bit of stress and angst thrown in for good measure I finally found myself in the company of Mr Scrum Half on Sunday night. Forgetting for a moment that we weren't in an American teen movie and were in fact in West Sussex we drove to the top of a hill overlooking the twinkly lights of Chichester and Bognor and pretended it was somewhere far more exotic.

The pretence only lasted for as long as it took us to realise we'd ended up in what appeared to be the dogging capital of Sussex – a charming realisation I'm sure you'll agree and an interesting choice of venue for a first date, if that's what it was. M.S.H is staying with a buddy at the moment and so unfortunately had to be back at a specific time to be able to get into the cottage so we had just over an hour together which was a little bit odd as I couldn't shake the feeling that he was on a curfew and I was keeping him out on a school night.

We did some kissing and it was nice but ultimately it wasn't ever going to go anywhere due to a multitude of reasons. I'd been worried about 'putting myself out there' and opening myself up to the potential of getting hurt but actually, in talking to my spa partner Mrs Bancroft I realised that Mr Scrum Half gave me back my mojo. Sometimes all it takes is a 20 year old dexter with a boner nibbling on your neck to do it…..

(FloMo is what Mrs B calls Mr Scrum Half. Long story!)


One thought on “FloMo Brought Back My Mojo

  1. Mrs Bancroft here. Gotta say, loved this post. Having been there when you met Scrum half (or SCRUMMY? NOT ARF as I like to call him) – well done girl. As Heather would say – proud. You went for it. That is a huge step in the right direction innit kiddo? L xPS My word verification is MUSHI. Yeah, I know!

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