Best Words In The World.

At the moment you’d probably be expecting me to say that the best words you could ever hear are either “I William Arthur Phillip Louis take you…” or “Congratulations! You’ve won a spot on the Fox Rent a car trip!” but actually sometimes it’s the little things that knock you for six. Although I’d also be over the fricking MOON if I got chosen for some road trippin’.

06:50 this morning and Scramalam my nephew got up and came downstairs for some CBeebies and a snuggle with Aunty Al. There’s been a definite change in him since I saw him in February and he now thinks I’m the coolest thing since sliced bread even giving me the honour of reading him a bedtime story last night.

There we were watching some psychedelic hypnotic kids tv when I decided I was hungry and that it was time to start eating Scramalam starting with his feet and then moving to his elbow. As they say on the internets “Om Nom Nom”. Amidst all the screechy giggling I heard the words “I love you Aunty Al, you’re funny”.

My heart melted.

Since then of course I’ve been at his beck and call and prepared to make a nob of myself at any given moment in order to keep him enamoured with me and to potentially make him declare his love once more. I’ve spent the day wearing my sunglasses upside down whilst pretending nothing is wrong, pretending to fly like Superman down the main road, doing the running man and pretending to be driving a racing car whilst in Tesco. An Aunt’s work is never done…

Before surgery I wouldn’t have done any of it because fear of being looked, laughed and pointed at held me back and I didn’t have the energy to keep myself upright let alone chase after a hyperactive three year old before swinging him about by his arms and carrying him on my back. Sometimes it’s really nice to have a little reminder of how far I’ve come and when it’s combined with a glimpse of what possibly might be in my future it’s even sweeter.


3 thoughts on “Best Words In The World.

  1. Aw that's lovely! And you very much deserve a very sweet future (hopefully on a road trip in the USA, meeting hunky cowboys!)

  2. Aww this is lovely 🙂 I'm like that with my nephew, when my mum used to childmind when I was a kid I was always a bit awkward around children and wasn't sure what to do around them, but with little Josh I make a prat of myself and can't stop smiling whenever I'm with him! And it's not just him that thinks you're funny 🙂 xx

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