Happy Birthday!

Dear Computer Geek,

Happy Birthday buddy – you’ve reached the big 3-0 and it’s all downhill towards 40 from here! We’ve been friends for eight years now and if you’d asked me when you first moved into Cranbo Place whether we’d still be in touch now I would probably have said no but I’m bloody glad we are.

Over the years like any friendship we’ve had lots of highs, some lows and some inebetweeny bits, we’ve kissed goodbye to a black anorak (yours), over fourteen stone (mine) and several houses (ours). We’ve said hello to new jobs (ours), new bits of internal metalwork (ours) and a new girlfriend (yours). We’ve laughed together a lot, we’ve cried together – well actually I’ve cried and you’ve said ‘there there’ – I’ve seen your pee in a bag in hospital, heard you vomit from food poisoning in Rome and watched you so smashed of your brain you’ve been giggling like a schoolgirl. In shot, it’s been wonderful!

I realise this is a bit soppy but I can’t remember ever having said a proper thank you for being such a great friend – so here it is! Nicko aka Computer Geek you’re a legend and I’m glad to call you my buddy. Happy Birthday hun.

Lots of Love,

Al xx

ps) Thanks for all the vagina euphemisms!!


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