Thunderbirds Are Go!

I've done it again haven't I. Taken a little break from blogging that was only supposed to be a bit of head space to process meeting Physics Geek's new girlfriend (sob) and how the fact that they're super duper happy (the fuckers) means that even though I know deep down I don't want to be with him I now definitely will never be with him. It was taking time to get over as I effectively grieved the end of our pseudo relationship and then just as I thought I was ready to emotionally vomit all over this blog about it my boss propositioned me.

"How do you fancy a trip to Gibraltar?" After a whirlwind of packing and panicking and very little sleep I was off to my first Thunderbird incident powered by nerves and adrenaline and without a second thought about blogging. The days were long, I spent more time hunched over my laptop feverishly typing than I ever have before and less time in bed asleep than I ever care to again but I loved every sodding minute.

I learnt quite a few lessons whilst on my first trip – driving abroad can be fun as long as you a) remember which side of the road you're supposed to be on and b) make sure you're depressing the accelerator and not the brake; being a passenger with 8 cups of hot tea on your lap in an ancient pickup truck is a recipe for disaster; after a long day in the field the first glass of wine won't even touch the sides and you should always check out the average portion sizes when ordering in a local steak restaurant because seriously, it was like a dinosaur leg!

I was sad to leave the camaraderie of the operation but the time had finally come for the IOW festival and fuck me it was awesome even if I was zombified from my trip to Gib. I packed the festival essentials of wellies, duty free voddie, a huge bottle of gin and a pretentious Panama hat and when I saw the weather forecast I thanked my lucky stars that we weren't camping. Festival life meant all bets were off and so vodka/sambuca/Kraken rum jellies were considered breakfast, it wasn't pikey to smuggle vodka in under your poncho to avoid paying £4.60 for a spirit and mixer and wellies were de rigeur. Musical highlights for me were Mike and The Mechanics (a total guilty pleasure!), the Foos (no explanation needed right?) and Plan B who I had the best time dancing like a tit to whilst screeching at my friend Chris who was playing keyboards. Yes it was pissing it down with rain and I was soaked to the skin and I'd drunk enough to fell an elephant but it was just epic. I've not felt as free to dance like a wanker and screech my head off for a long time.

I should probably pause here to apologise to anyone who had the misfortune of being in the vicinity for that set, I bet you wanted to punch me right in the kisser huh?!

Since getting back I've felt a bit like a confused woodland animal who thinks it is time to hibernate as I'm curling up for naps whenever I can and actively swearing at my alarm in the morning. Never a good sign really…

Ps) Thanks to Lycra McTightShorts and Smashley McHeadHurt for being my little Asian PR company!

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