She’s Having A Bay-Bee!

Last weekend I made the pilgrimage down to Cornwall to see my best friend Marms, her hubby Doddy and Munchkin the burgeoning baby bump. Sadly I did not have any gold, frankincense or myrhh with me and had to rely on a satnav rather than a star but it was still really very special.

I had to restrain how much squealing I did as I wasn't sure how much sound proofing Mumma's stomach offered and I didn't want to scare the poor mite. Marms looked absolutely beautiful with the beginnings of a neat little bump that makes me think we'll be welcoming a Dodd Jnr rather than a Mini Marms in December. It's bizarre to think that they're going to have a small person in their lives, there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that they are going to be incredible parents but at the same time I find it rather mind blowing that we've reached this stage. Marms and I have been through crazy nights and lazy days, we survived her trip to France by email and snatched conversations on a payphone in resort and celebrated our way through the wedding fuelled by mojitos and Caribbean sunshine. Now it's all about mortgages and babies and I can't wait!

The weather was glorious and so on Saturday Marms and I headed for the Eden project where we had a beautiful day in the sunshine to the peaceful (?) sounds of Pendulum soundchecking for their gig that night. I couldn't really take in the full spectacle of the Rainforest biome as it was hotter than the surface of the sun in there, I was sweatier than a nun in Ann Summers and I was worried about Marms and Munchkin overheating. I started to annoy myself by asking if she was okay so much so she must have the patience of a saint for not smacking me upside the head after the 100th time. As I know Marms of old I know that the ways to keep her sweet are to keep her fed, watered and rested and so although it made me feel a bit like her Mum I made her go upstairs for a nap when we got home.

Saturday night we went to Swanpool beach and ate Rick Stein fish & chips by the water. Sat there munching away and up pulls this car, out climbs a woman wearing a floral swimming hat who strips off and as bold as brass wades into the water before swimming out to the buoy. I had serious admiration for her balls, I mean her metaphorical balls she didn't literally have nuts hanging out of her cossie. It was like the water was calling her and in the back of my mind I wondered if she was like Daryl Hannah in 'Splash'. She could have had a big mermaidy fin under the water and we'd have never ever known. I have started to feel all long limbed and graceful when I'm doing aqua fit and quite happily get into my own little world and so it almost felt like we were intruding on her solitude, just her and the water.

A brilliant weekend with wonderful friends and to be honest I could have stayed down there an awful lot longer. It was so nice to be able to talk honestly and openly about stuff going on that it doesn't feel quite right to blog about and to realise that just because I don't see Marms as often as I'd like it doesn't mean anything has changed. She's still the same booty dancing firecracker she always was and goodness I love the girl!


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