Oh, Oh, Oh! No, No, No.

Struck down by flu last week I was left at home feeling utterly miserable and too ill for most of the week to do anything but sleep however by Friday I’d worked up enough energy to make it as far as the sofa with my laptop to have a mooch round the interwebnet. Normally I’d do this with my flexible friends in my left hand in caseI saw anything I just had to have but because I’ve stopped shopping my cards were safely stashed in my wallet and my impulse alarm was on high alert.

So of course the lovely Charlotte from Lipglossiping had to tweet a picture of a lipstick that made me gasp. Of course it wasn’t just a normal lipstick, it had to be a MAC Limited Edition lipstick that normally I’d have been all over like a bloody rash.

Looks pretty grim huh? It looks as though it should be worn with black hair and a scowl but when swatched it is a sheer plummy berry colour with gold sparkles – absolutely divine. And bugger me I wanted it. I think I actually broke into a cold sweat as I debated whether or not to break my shopping pact to get my hands on this little gem but I realised I’d be letting myself down if I did and so instead I sat and thought about all the reasons NOT to buy it. The primary reasons being that 1) I don’t wear lipstick because it’s far too drying on my lips, 2) It’s pretty damn similar to the one lipstick I already own (Clinique Black Honey) and 3) I’m determined to change my shopping habits once and for all and so giving in and having a MAC attack would just be letting Team Long Tall Ally down.

Is it sad that I was proud of myself for not caving? I suppose for people who are normal consumers it may seem a little odd that a grown woman was salivating over a lipstick that in the tube, looks like it would belong to Wednesday Addams but then again it’s also hard for you normal eaters to comprehend how someone can let their bum get quite so lardy so what’s a girl to do… It feels like Ally 1 – Shopping 0, y’know just in case you’re keeping score.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Oh, Oh! No, No, No.

  1. Go you! You should be proud, you're being really disciplined about it. I think I'd have tried to persuade myself that it's an essential cosmetic purchase 🙂

  2. Thanks Em, believe me I tried every which way but loose to justify it but actually the feeling of NOT giving in was much better than giving it and ending up with yet another lipstick I'd only wear once! 😉

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