Doggers ‘N’ Joggers

“The doggers and joggers don’t tend to come this far down the lane” said the nice man. I had to stifle a giggle which made him look at me like I was slightly special, “and at least the neighbours are nice and quiet!” Given that we were stood in a graveyard, I figured he had a fair point.

You’re probably wondering how I came to find myself in a graveyard with a nice man talking about dogging. I was wondering it myself too but unbelievably I was there on business. Book business.

In an effort to kick arse at the writery schtick I sat dowb the other say and wrote a plan for this site and for ways to get my writing “out there” whilst increasing my networking skills. I can’t remember what I googled but in trying to find likeminded writerly folk in Southampton I stumbled across a beautiful chapel less than ten minutes walk from my house that had been converted to office space and was in the business of hiring desks out.

As soon as I saw it I fell in love with the building, the surroundings and the very idea of having my own little hidey hole for evenings and weekends where I can snug up with my laptop and write without distractions. But then the universe wouldn’t be as kind as to drop this place into my lap surely? Taking a moment to say a quick “what up” to the powers that be in the sky, I fired off a quick email enquiring on the off chance that they perhaps a small corner that I could rent please nicely. I don’t know what possessed me because I knew that the answer would either be “no room at the inn” or “it’s eleventy squillion pounds a week”.

I could have kissed my laptop when the reply came that yes there was space and *and* I could have it half price because I wouldn’t be using it full time… Jaw, meet floor! I’d gone from drooling over the chapel convinced I’d never be able to cross the threshold to less than a week later with my own key to the door. I’m moving my stuff in on Saturday morning and I’m so excited my stomach is doing flips at setting my little cubbyhole up exactly as I want it. Which of course might be a challenge when I’m not able to shop but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.

And the best bit? Check out the doorway to my creative haven…. Paradise or what?


4 thoughts on “Doggers ‘N’ Joggers

  1. 'tis indeed a lovely place…but it's freezing in the winter. Had a meeting there last year when there was snow on the ground….I came out as stone cold as the gravestones outside and my meeting had only lasted an hour!Enjoy!

  2. Ooh thanks for the tip! I’ll stock up on some thick socks and fleeces in that case… I think it might help my work output levels, I’ll have to type faster in order to stop my fingers going blue! x

  3. 1. LOVE this post and love the look of your new office – it’s like something out of a novel, ironically!

    2. Loving the new site design – sorry if I am slow to notice, I’ve been relying on Google Reader to catch up with blogs so only click through to comment. And thanks for the blogroll link 🙂

  4. I had my first day working there yesterday and it was bliss. The sunshine was streaming in through the windows and the birds were chirruping away outside, it was beautiful. Plus I have a big key to the front door which makes me feel like a jailer, love it!

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