“Colour B4” by Scott Cornwall

I’ve been dying my hair since I was about sixteen, ever since someone sat behind me in college and shrieked about the fact they could see grey hairs in my bonce, which was nice. Every 6-8 weeks depending on how long I can bare to leave my grey hairs unchecked I nip down to Boots and buy a box of brown hairdye of some description. I never buy the same box twice, preferring to see what takes my fancy and so after 14 long years of using various shades of poo brown hair colour I decided enough was enough.

I was recently gifted a box of ‘delicate iced chocolate’ dye by a friend who had purchased it and then decided it wouldn’t suit her and so I was going to slop that on to cover up the latest batch of grey intruders. Rooting through my stash however I came across a box of “Colour B4″ by Scott Cornwall that I bought a few months ago and then chickened out of using.

“Colour B4″ is a home hair colour removal system which promises to take you back to your lightest shade, without touching your natural hair pigment which I’m sure you’ll agree are some big arsed promises. The system is easy, much like applying a home colour as you mix two potions together and then slop it onto dry hair. It comes in two strength levels, the normal one requires a 30 minute processing time however the extra strength super fat beefy one needs a whopping 60 minutes in order to work its magic. I won’t lie, it sounded quite nice to have a little sit down for an hour with a magazine for a cheeky little relax but unfortunately “Colour B4″ absolutely stinks, like peaches mixed with rotten eggs and left for a few weeks. It really wasn’t pleasant at all and as the instructions state that the mixture needs to be kept warm to work properly I couldn’t even hang out of my bedroom window gasping for fresh air.

Once the mix has done its job you then have to spend the next half an hour or so rinsing the product out of your hair and applying a ‘buffer’ solution to cleanse all the chemicals out and restore your hair to a ph level ready for it to accept new haircolour should you choose to undo all the hard work of the “Colour B4″.

So once I’d suffered the smell of the eggy peaches, reclined gently for an hour and then almost washed myself down the plughole, what were the results?

As you can see, my hair is now a chestnutty coppery shiny wonder and I’m really starting to love it. I’ll admit it was a shock and there were a few choice words uttered but it’s definitely growing on me. I’d been worried that my hair would end up with a straw like texture due to the processing but I’m pleased to report it’s still shiny and soft and the real bonus is that against the chestnutty shinyness it’s hard to even see the greys at all! “Colour B4” is a great option for rectifying those hairdye mistakes, without having to fork out salon prices!

  • “Colour B4” by Scott Corwall is available at Boots.com priced £10.20 for the normal version and £12.25 for the mackdaddy extra strength version.

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