WeWood Watches – I Would

I’m a total fiend for watches, I feel naked without a heavy chunk of something something dangling off my wrist and have been known to turn the car round and go back to the house if I forget to put one back on after my shower. My first watch was a 1992 Pop Swatch “Parade” which I alternately wore on my wrist or ‘popped’ on my t-shirt like one of the cool kids.

Then when I was about 14 I graduated to a blinging DKNY number that I pestered my Mum to buy, it was sleek and sparkly and probably somewhat inappropriate for school wear but I loved it like it was my own child. It’s still in its display case amongst my keepsakes somewhere and if early 90’s bling ever comes back into fashion then I might pass it on to my daughter or my very gay son.

Then came the Fossil watch obsession, starting with the chunky leather strapped badboy that I thought made me look like Lara Croft all ass kicking and lethal; the sparkly Twist stainless steel jobby that I ended up having an allergic reaction to followed swiftly by the oh so chic bang on trend white ceramic looks like a Chanel J12 but y’know isn’t, watch.

As a normal human who only has two wrists that should be more than enough watches to last me a lifetime huh? Well I know it is but I can’t help but keep an eye peeled for little beauties that could technically be an addition to my collection were I not on a shopping ban of course. One such watch is the WeWood Watch in Beige which made me do a little squeal when I saw it – a wooden watch.

Made entirely from organic, hypo-allergenic wood and without any yucky chemicals I reckon the WeWood range is definitely one to watch. I think they’d make great Christmas presents and can think of someone in particular I’d love to buy one for. They’re stylish and a bit unusual which is a great combination, and I think a WeWood watch would look just as good on a stylo teenage girl who has been drop kicked through TopShop as a suited and booted business man with a bit of fashion flair. In fact I’d quite like to date a wooden watch wearing suity man, if you know any? The WeWood range is reasonably priced between £79-89 and the best thing about buying your own bit of tree to adorn your wrist? The promise from WeWood that for each watch sold a new tree will be planted. Italian design and eco credentials? Count me in. The WeWood range is available at Watch Me Go a site I’m very glad I didn’t encounter whilst I was still shopping. It’s like hardcore porn for watch lovers.



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