Is Turning 30 Really So Bad?

For the past 7 and a bit months since turning 29 I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern to turn 30. I’m circling the skies of my late twenties waiting for the runway to clear allowing me to land and have an attempt at making a success in another decade of my life.

30 seems so grown up and if you’d asked me when I was younger what life would be like at that age I’d have predicted a mortgage, a marriage (or at the very least a hunk of diamond on my left hand) and a kick arse career. I look at other women who are 30 and think ‘when do I get to be like them?’ They all seem so sorted and all look so grown up and well put together whereas I still feel and look like a kid. A scrappy looking doesn’t often brush her hair happiest in jeans and flats style kid.

All year people have been saying ‘oooh you’re almost the big 3-0’and now I am indeed almost the big 3-0 I feel like I’ve wasted the big 2-9 by thinking about being the big 3-0 (how many more times do I want to say big 3-0). It feels stupid to have been thinking and fretting about something that’s inevitable. If I hadn’t had been thinking about my upcoming new decade for the past 229 days I probably wouldn’t have gone and cured cancer or climbed Everest but I might have just been happy being. As in being right where I am right now, being content with my lot (which is a great lot) and being unconcered by the next milestone. I mean on the morning of my 30th when I wake up with grey hair and crows feet it won’t be any different to waking up as I do now – a 29 year old, with grey hair and crows feet.

If I had a do-over I’d take it and I’d try to be less pre occupied by what other people think of where I am in the world and what I’m doing with my life. In fact I think being less pre occupied by what others think of me in general would be a great thing. Now, does anyone have any idea how to DO that?


2 thoughts on “Is Turning 30 Really So Bad?

  1. Yup. 30 is only a number. What no-one tells you is you are heading into the best decade and it keeps getting better.

    Stop measuring yourself by other people because you don’t really know what their lives are like, only what they appear to be. Perception is a funny thing.

    Never forget that you are unique and special. Revel in being you and being different because there is nothing more boring being part of a herd or tribe.

    Quite honestly, what other people think of you is none of your business.

    Do your best, maximise every moment and enjoy who you are and what you have.

    It’s not always easy but it’s worth it in the end.

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