Pennies from Heaven

In my head I envisage my house when I’m older to be a white blank canvas to be covered with unusual artefacts, artwork and quirky stuff. I want it to be a reflection of my personality, which as we all know is a little bit off the wall.

I’ve got an old desk which is covered in layers of paint with the top layer being from my Laura Ashley chintz bedroom so it’s a fetching shade of creamy magnolia sponge painted blue in a huge early 90’s throwback, oh and it also has one hot pink drawer where I thought I wanted to paint it bright and cover it in Swarovski crystals (vom).

I was noodling round the net when I came across Epbot which is all about ‘Geekery, Girliness and Goofing Off’. Right up my street! I spent ages poring over the goodness over there and if you’re a fan of any of those three things then I suggest you add it to your favourites. Also whilst you’re there you should check out Cake Wrecks because it is hilarious and run by Jen who also runs Epbot.

Out of all of the projects and are there are loads (including cross stitched QR codes!) the one that caught my eye was what I like to call the ‘pennies from heaven desk’.

Look! Isn’t it beautiful? I frequently imagine having it in my writing den and sitting there running my hands over the cool desk top when I’m stuck for ideas and perhaps napping against it when my eyelids are so heavy I can’t function any more and then waking up with penny imprints on my face.

The best thing of all best things about having a desk covered in pennies is that it isn’t a designer super expensive never going to be able to afford it desk, it’s an old desk top that Jen and her able assistant (husband John) refurbished themselves. HOW COOL?! Plus they were kind enough to pop up full instructions including pictures about how they managed it so should you have an old desk and several hundred pennies kicking about then you too can make a ‘pennies from heaven desk’. Be warned though, if you make it before me I might have to kill you and/or steal it.


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