Sunday Sound Off: Knox v Kercher

So Amanda Knox is free and back on US soil and the Kerchers are back to square one in the hunt for their daughter’s killer. None of it seems terribly fair, or clear, or just, but even if Amanda didn’t kill Meredith and has indeed been wrongly imprisoned for four years it’s still the Kerchers I feel sorry for. To have had a resolution with three people behind bars for their murder of their daughter will have given them a chance to move on and grieve properly with the horror of the case behind them and yet now they find themselves back at the beginning with some big unanswered questions.

Whilst I don’t think that Amanda Knox killed Meredith I do wonder whether she and Raffaele Sollecito might know more about the murder than they’re letting on. It’s unfortunate for Amanda that she has one of those faces that look like they’re hiding something even if they’re actually not. I’m well aware that we see the photos of Knox that the press wants us to and sadly for her most of the pictures I have seen have made her look maniacal and cold. Painting her as the killer so to speak. Fast forward to the pictures of her at the airport on her way to freedom and she’s shown as emotional, frail and very much leaning on her family, the wronged woman. It’s something we’re all guilty of, judging someone not only on what they’re saying but also on their facial expression and the feeling in their eyes. An article in the Guardian Amanda Knox: What’s in a face by Ian Leslie explores the idea that our instincts about others can be dangerously superficial, It can be as minimal as misreading a facial expression and thinking that someone’s got a strop on with you or in this case it can potentially affect the outcome of a criminal trial which let’s face it was a total mess.

It’s difficult to know what I would do if I was in Knox’s position with news networks and film companies chasing me for my story combined with trying to get back to some semblance of normality, but I’d like to think that the Kerchers and what they’re going through, as well as Meredith the friend she lost, are in the forefront of her mind. I don’t want Knox to become a celebrity off the back of this because it’s feels disrespectful and wrong however if I was being offered as much as reports say she is to sell my story then it would be a tough call. After all, she needs money to survive and with notoriety like hers, would you hire her?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off: Knox v Kercher

  1. The strange thing for me is that the appeal judge still thinks she (Knox) might be guilty and said that all the appeal proved was that they just haven’t got enough evidence to properly convict her…hardly a complete admonishment.

    1. It’s a ridiculous situation. I was talking to my friend last night who knows a successful defence barrister who had been saying that all they needed to do was create enough doubt in the way the case has been handled for it to be successful. I’m glad John Kercher has spoken out and said that he hopes Knox maintains a low profile however given reports that he’s now got a literary agent himself, it all seems a bit hypocritical.

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