Tiredness and Tweetathons

I’m the first to admit that I’m a mess when I don’t get any sleep. I’ve been known to get home from work and crawl into bed for an hour before getting up and getting on with my evening and one of my tablets makes me yawn my head off whether I’m tired or not. Today, I’m tired. It’s my own fault for going to see Jimmy Carr last night with the Computer Geek and his lovely girlfriend Jet and not getting to bed until 01:00 this morning however as much as I might like to try and go for the sympathy vote I can’t.

And that is all down to bloody Gray Collins and his bloody (wonderful) charitable nature. Here’s me being a narky old cow because I got less than six hours sleep last night when Gray is now approximately two and a half hours into his stint of staying awake for SIXTY FOUR HOURS in the name of charidee. Laying aside the fact that he’s clearly mental for a moment, just let that figure sink into your brain. Sixty four hours is equal to two days and sixteen hours. In two days and sixteen hours you can:

Walk from Southampton to Chester (according to Google Maps)

Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies, all 3 Lord of the Rings films, all 6 Star Wars efforts, all 4 Die Hard flicks and all eight American Pie films including the yet to be released Reunion movie with a frankly generous 22 minutes left over for toilet breaks and popcorn popping.

Expect to feel your heart beat upwards of 3840 times.

Fly from London to Jakarta and back twice with a brief four hours spare for a spot of duty free shopping.

Or, if you’re Gray Collins you can sit in front of your computer tweeting whilst the world watches you descend into insomnia based madness in front of a webcam. Gray is going to be tweeting non stop and while at the moment he’s wide awake and coherent, give him a while longer and he’ll probably be reduced to tweeting ‘beeble blurb wibbly wobbly flarg’ – you can watch his tweets over at @diaryofaledger or his backup account of @gray333. He’s not just doing it for shits and giggles, he’s doing it because he has a heart the size of a lion and he likes to help people. This year he’s raising money for Chapter 1, a charity which specialises in offering much needed support and accomodation for vulnerable young people.

Gray wants to raise £2,000 for Chapter 1 in order to pay for a new kitchen for one of their buildings in Southampton so if you can spare some money to help make this come true then please feel free to sponsor him here. I know Christmas is coming and everyone is feeling the pinch but really a fiver to help a great cause isn’t going to break the bank and you’ll get to bask in the warm glow of doing a good deed.

Of course if you just want to watch a man go slowly insane on webcam then pop over to Gray’s website here: Diary of a Ledger


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