Spinning Plates

My brain hurts tonight. It feels like it is way too big for my skull and is going to start poking out of my ears if I don’t shut it down soon and get an early night.

I was fortunate enough to have a delightful long weekend in Dorset with family, the highlights being taking my nephew to his swimming lesson and then to Clarks to get school shoes which while lovely also made me feel bloody ancient. Then on Saturday night we went to an engagement party where I danced like a total twat to “Swagger Jagger” without a care. It was great.

Unfortunately though the family fun times meant that I had no chance to do some prep work for starting my new job role on Tracy Island. I’ve moved to a different department to take control of a large part of the day to day function of the company and quite frankly today was like trying to keep hundreds of plates all spinning at different times.

Having gone from a job that was pretty standard with not much deviation to the daily routine and set deadlines to one where you have been to responsive, proactive and a little bit psychic is a pretty big change. In addition the role is temporary at the moment with a view to go permanent so I feel like I really have to step up to the plate and perform straight from the get go.

It’s going to be challenging, it’s going to involve quite a few swear words under my breath and it may well involve buying some new plates but I’m going to enjoy every single minute.


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