Maybelline Volum’ Express the Colossal Cat Eyes

What a mouthful and I’m not quite sure what Maybelline has against the correct spelling of ‘volume’ but we shall, for the purposes of this review, overlook them being bad at spelling.

As part of my shopping ban the idea was to use up my make up stash before buying anything new. Upon cruising my drawers for a mascara I was somewhat dismayed to only find a bright green available to me. Suitable for big nights out and fancy dress, not so much for the 9-5 so I nipped into Superdrug and grabbed the first basic black mascara I could find, which turned out to be the mascara with the longest name in the history of the WORLD.

The Colossal Cat Eyes promises flicked out fierce lashes that are up to 7x more volumised. So far so normal mascara spiel that tends to promise but not deliver. The packaging is what caught my eye, the classic bright yellow Volum’ Express Colossal chunky tube with a smattering of bronze leopard printon the lid. The brush, sorry, the CLAW, is designed to help you flick your corner lashes out to get that feline feel.

image courtesy of does it work? Unfortunately there’s only one way to find out and that’s to look at a truly awful photo of my eyes resplendent with early morning eye bags (even taking the photo in HD couldn’t see them off!) to see my lashes in their naked stubby state. Et voila!

It was REALLY early and I took it myself...
It was REALLY early and I took it myself...

And after a generous coating of (deep breath) Maybelline Volum’ Express the Colossal Cat Eyes mascara?

I hear being boss eyed is all the rage...

Well at least I have eyelashes now but they’re not exactly feline or flicked out. The small claw brush does make it much easier to reach those tricksy corner lashes which can does make me feel slightly feline for the first five minutes after applying until my eyelashes go back to being their normal straight not cat like jobbies.

It’s interesting that there is a tip on the Maybelline website that says to use a stroke of gel liner winged out at the corners for a more ‘intense look’. To me they might as well have said ‘it’s a decent black mascara but won’t give you sexy cat eyes. Buy some individual falsies and bung them at the outer corners of your eyes if you want to look like Catwoman’. All in all it’s a decent bog standard black mascara but hasn’t set my world on fire.


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