Sunday Sound Off: Dear Marie Claire

I’ve always been a fan of your magazine because it gives me all the stuff I want from a monthly and often more. I always get excited when my copy plops through the letterbox and I love curling up on the sofa to read it from cover to cover in one fell swoop.

I spent the entirety of my teens and most of my early twenties feeling drastically unfeminine and unlovable because I’m not a petite polly pocket woman with a small pert bum and normal sized feet who can be thrown over a man’s shoulder and spirited away into the sunset. At almost 30 It still hits me in those wobbly moments when I’m wishing I was a foot shorter and could chop my toes off to fit into the women’s shoes available on the high street but for the most part I just accept the way I am.

That’s why it was a bit of a shock whilst reading your article ’10 Ways To Tell If He’s Good Enough For You’ to see Shane Watson say that for a man to be good enough for you to date he should be able to carry you both physically and metaphorically. This 1900’s lack of independent women who need to be carried by men schtick is all the more worrying because contrary to what the name suggests, Shane is a woman. Whatever happened to the sisterhood?

So far so backwards step, however point 8 in the article also says that women shouldn’t end up with men who have smaller feet than them or who are less hairy because it’s important that the woman is the most feminine one in the relationship. According to this article I need a man who can pick me up and not be caught tip toeing round the bedroom in my high heels. Unfortunately as a woman who is 6’2″ and takes a size 12 shoe this somewhat narrows the field for me to the likes of Giant Haystacks (dead), Andre the Giant (dead) or Kris Humphries (Kim Kardashian’s cast off? Hell no).

Pardon my French but shoe size has fuck all to do with femininity and even less to do with choosing a man to date. In fact if you’re the sort of man (or woman for that matter) who uses it as a criteria for dating someone then you’re not the sort of person I want to date anyway and you should take your pedes paranoia and shuffle off into the sunset, alone to hopefully develop bunions in some sort of karmic retribution. Sure I might have the odd day where I feel like a lumberjack who could use canoes for shoes but everyone has days where they don’t feel great about themselves.

But thankfully for me I can sniff out poppycock when I read it and frankly, the entire article attempted to paint women as weak and feeble in need of hero men to make them feel feminine and graceful. A ridiculous notion I’m sure more than a few of your readers will agree with.

If you’ll excuse me I’m off to find a man who makes me laugh, makes me think and most importantly likes me for me, huge feet and big bum included.



Long Tall Ally




6 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off: Dear Marie Claire

  1. Brilliant response.

    Much as I would love to literally be swept off my feet by a big manly man, whenever it’s been attempted in the past it just makes me feel heavy and the least feminine woman ever because, sadly, men are not built like Disney characters and the ones I meet generally complain about lifting a box never mind a whole full sized person.

    I’d take laughter over muscles any day! xx

    1. It’s not often you see a chap with the hunky build of Aladdin strutting down Oxford Street ready to sweep you off your feet huh. If I was a man reading such a tossy article I’d be offended too, it’s as if she’s saying a man with small feet isn’t a real man just as a woman with big feet is manly. What a crock. xx

  2. Well said! It was an utterly ridiculous article, written by an old-fashioned and out-of-touch bimbo.
    Who on earth would agree that relationship choices should be made on shoe size and strength? We’re constantly being told that we women should be happy with our bodies and that men should love us for who were are…but this article claims a girl shouldn’t love a man too feeble to pick them up? Utterly ridiculous.

    1. The author has written a book called ‘How to Meet a Man After Forty and Other Midlife Dilemmas Solved’ because she is apparently the ‘statistic-defying exception to the rule’ – that rule being of course that all women over forty are dried up old crones who should be left on the shelf. Further to this the book offers a beacon of hope to women trying to find Mr Right without having to settle for a compromise. I can only imagine what sort of drivel it’s filled with…

      Why do magazines always have to be doing someone down? If it’s not women for not being size zero bobbleheads then it’s men for being too feeble to sling the non bobbleheaded women over their shoulders before dragging them back to their cave. Why can’t they praise people whatever size and shape?!

  3. As an owner of size 8 feet I OBJECT to this crazy article!! Does the author know that the average female shoe size in this country is a healthy size 7? The average dress size a 16 and height…actually I don’t know that one, but I’m willing to bet it’s a damn sight taller than Thumbelina! On the other side, some of the masculine men I’ve known have been well under 6″ and have shoes that have been too small for me. I could probably carry my current boyfriend over the threshold but that makes not one iota less manly to me. Must try harder, Marie Claire.

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