What Goes Down…

Must come up?

I flipping hope so because tomorrow morning I’m having a camera slid down my throat to check out what’s going on in there. I suppose I should thank heavens for small mercies that it’s not going up my bum but it’s still not a pleasant thought. I’ve been having nightmares about vomiting all my lovely surgeon who is doing the procedure even though I know that if I did do that he’d give me a twinkly eyed grin and a sarcastic thanks.

I tried to brazen it out and say that I’d have the endoscopy without anything other than a bit of throat numbing spray but then I started to think about the prospect of gagging on the tube (attractive) and I let myself listen to those people around me who said I should just take the sedation and be done with it. I now plan on jumping up and down screeching ‘Just give me the drugs, give me the drugs’ as soon as I cross the hospital threshold. I’ll have my Dad and Stepmum with me so they’ll make sure that behaviour doesn’t see me sectioned.

Not too sure what the outcome of the endo will be but suspect it will involve being sliced and diced. Let’s just wait and see…


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