#84: Write A Fan Letter

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It occurred to me the other night that I’ve already written a fan letter so can tick this off my list. In fact I’ve written the fan letter, the letter that kicked off turning this blog into a book. Way back when on the 26th April 2009 I emailed supremo author Lucy-Anne Holmes as I’d just finished her first book ’50 Ways To Find A Lover’ and wanted her to know how much I loved it.

Hi Holly

I stumbled over your book in Sainsbury’s and being a single girl about town with a whole host of utterly domesticated John Lewis Sunday browsing friends decided that you might be the person to guide me on my path to coupledom. In short, I absolutely loved your book! I read it one fell swoop, had tears streaming down my face in parts and kept shushing my male housemates to read sections to them in a scene very reminiscent of ‘Listen with Mother’. I feel like some kind of sycophant emailing such praise however I feel you really deserve it, it was a cracking read.



The eagle eyed amongst you will spot the mistake (oh I wish I could say it was deliberate). Yes, I called her Holly. My carefully constructed fan letter fell at the first hurdle, real smooth, getting the authors name wrong! But the rest as they say, is history.


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