Free Cocktail Friday

We had a ‘Wellbeing’ day in the office yesterday that yours truly got stiffed with organising – normally something that I would relish but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was a bit odd asking the woman with the biggest arse in the company and probably the most mental health issues to organise a day about healthy eating and physical/mental wellbeing. The first seminar was about how to de-stress but because I felt like I was on trial to see how I had performed I couldn’t relax so spent the entire time fretting about things with my leg jiggling ten to the dozen. I could have done with the de-stress session being second because over the lunch hour my blood pressure and stress levels went intergalactic and I was at the point where if one more person complained that the lunch was too healthy or whinged about there being no crisps I was either going to knock their front teeth out or burst into tears.

I felt like such a fraud being the driving force behind it and although it probably didn’t cross the mind of anyone there, my head was determined that they were all thinking ‘why has the company fattie been put in charge?’ The second seminar about ‘Food and Mood’ was so ball achingly awkward for me as I was convinced that people were making scathing comments about me in their minds that I actually excused myself and slunk back to my desk for a bit to hide. It’s ridiculous that I could be so egotistical to think that a room full of people would be thinking about me but that’s how my mind works when it’s being critical and nasty to me.

Not a great day work wise and so by the time B suggested going to Vodka Revs for free cocktail Friday I practically left scorch marks on the carpet whilst fleeing the office. I’m not sure if it’s just our local Revs that does it but every Friday afternoon the lovely staff come round with trays of free cocktails and platters of free food. You can easily go in and get sloshed without spending a penny although it does involve starting the drinking at about half past four and then rolling home absolutely twaddled to crawl into bed at eight. Yesterday was no exception as we got stuck in to shake off the working week and drink enough ‘Twinkle Berry’ cocktails that come with a free candy cane to decorate B’s christmas tree from top to bottom!

The best thing about it is that hardly anyone seems to know about it so you can always get a seat and they don’t water down the freebies like you’d expect. It was a really good way to snap me out of my funk and give my housemates a laugh when I stumbled home at 8pm out of my mind before picking at a pizza and falling straight into bed. I woke up this morning at sparrow’s fart with the horrible realisation I’d left my car in a car park that started charging at 8 so I had to haul arse to go and fetch the Yaris before sinking gratefully back under my duvet for a bit more sleep.

When I eventually woke up this afternoon…. Well, who made me chew broken glass in my sleep? Ouch.


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