Sunday Sound Off: A Whole Lotta Flack.

Oh Caroline. Sweet Caroline. What in the name of thundering fuck are you doing? Harry Styles? Really?! I can only assume you’re chazzed off your wazz on coke and haven’t realised that he is a child. A CHILD. Still, at least you won’t have to worry about him nicking your ladyshave because I doubt he’s starting shaving and your expensive Chateaunerf de Pape will be safe because he’ll be necking alcopops in an under eighteen disco.

The thing that’s amazed me most about this is all the women who are praising Flack as some sort of uber cougar for luring him into her den of zumzum but the same women would be the first ones to grab pitchforks if the situation was reversed and he was the elder half. There’d be uproar if he was 32 and she 17 and Styles would no doubt be painted as a deviant in need of chemical castration were he picking her up in his flashy sports car and sharing ‘sleepovers’.

People are free to do whatever (or whoever) they wish and if they’ve decided that in spite of everything that they wish to be “togevva” then good for them but what’s with the double standards? I can’t believe that people are saying “good on her” for bagging a hot teenager just because it’s suddenly seen as a girl power thing for women to take much younger lovers.

Cougars, how would you feel if she was “sleeping over” with your 17 year old son?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sound Off: A Whole Lotta Flack.

  1. i really like Caroline i think she is really young in spirit so prob just gelled with him and forgot in many ways how young he is.. i think every different circumstance is different and hes prob quite grown up for his age esp being in he strange world of media so young. i dont think people do really bat an eyelid with an older man and much younger girl so think she has had it tougher than most. there wasnt much uproar with that film director marrying that toy boy lol I agree its not entirely appropiate but at the same time some people have such a connection they cant avoid it x

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