Sunday Sound Off: Luluvise Wiki Date

Have you ever googled a man before going on a date with him? Had a cheeky Facebook stalk or tried to work out if he might be ‘the one’ by perusing his LinkedIn page? I think it’s something we’re all guilty of but perhaps won’t readily admit to, unless you’re the man I went on a date with a few years ago who regaled me with stories about my own family that he had found on the internet. Prime example, ‘Your older brother won a bravery award for saving a man from a pub fire’. You can imagine how freaked out I was because although it’s something most of us tend to do, we don’t tend to admit it.

I believe that having a cheeky Google of your date actually only increases the pressure of a first meeting because if you’re anything like me you’ll spend the night biting your tongue so that when they mention their holiday to Thailand you won’t blurt out the story that you saw on their friend’s Facebook wall (because oh yes, you went to the next level) about him getting hit in the face by an errant ping pong ball at a ‘show’. The other thing is that if you Google and go in to your date with preconceptions you could end up missing out on something good.

A new social network called ‘Luluvise’, a ‘private social network dedicated to girl time, all the time’ has come along with yet another way to add to your preconceptions and stalk your man with their ‘WikiDate’ function. It appears as though their intention is to build up a dating-base of men, all rated out of 5 in the categories of ‘appearance’, ‘manners’, ‘humour’, ‘ambition’ and ‘commitment’.

I’m sorry but what the fuck? Is that what we’re reduced to now? Rating men as if we’re in some sort of meat market all in the race for the prize bullock? I know that girls are prone to having those sorts of discussions with their friends but to contribute to a database that can be seen by anyone who registers? REALLY?

I would hope that if I were to even consider using ‘WikiDate’ on a prospective man shape someone would spring up out of nowhere and smack me upside the head until I saw sense. I can only imagine the outrage if the situation were reversed and  it was rating women and yet because it’s girls doing the rating it appears to be flying under the radar as a harmless bit of fun. Underneath it all it smacks of something that young teenagers should be using to rate their idols like One Direction, that Bieber kid and the Jonas Brothers, but having had a look round today it appears to be grown women who should know better.



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