A Little Boy and his Bike (part 1 of 2)

As a young boy James really wanted a Chopper bike as one of his friends had one and so he decided to ask his Father if he could have one too. His Father said to him that as bikes were expensive he would have to earn it, and earn it by being ranked number one in his class at school. James felt dejected to begin with as he was firmly a middle ranked student and felt outclassed by his peers but he decided to knuckle down and try his hardest in the hopes that a miracle would occur.

The day of the class ranking arrived and James woke up filled with excitement, anticipation and dread. Would he have done enough to get his beloved Chopper? Short answer, no. He had improved his ranking by several places but still only reached number 5 which was closer than before but still meant no bike. When his Father found out the new rank he took James down to the bike shop to look at the bikes on display. James was allowed to look at his longed for Chopper but couldn’t touch it, let alone hop on it and ride off into the sunset. He was gutted but the sight of the bike ignited a fire in him and he resolved to work even harder at getting the top spot.

The next ranking arrived and James was sure he’d done enough to take his place at the top of the class and on top of the world as he imagined himself freewheeling on his brand new bike. Alas it was not meant to be and James came in third. On hearing this, his Father left the house and headed straight to the bike shop where he bought the blue Chopper that James had been lusting after for so long. Upon his return to the house, James’s heart soared because his Father had obviously recognised his hard work and decided that rankings weren’t that important after all!

Unfortunately for James his Father took the Chopper and mounted it high on the wall out of reach, once more leaving James able to look but not touch. The bike hanging on the wall started to taunt James and he knew that he couldn’t rest until his Father would proudly take it off the wall and give it to its rightful owner. Stepping up a gear once more James studied harder than he ever had before in his life, determined that the bike would be his.

For James, waiting for ranking day was like waiting for Christmas with the anticipation of whether he would finally be able to claim the bike as his own. He was jubilant when his teacher proudly told him he’d gone up in the ranking once more, but was dealt a crushing blow when she said that he was now second in the class, still stuck behind the brightest boy he’d ever known.

Utterly dejected James slunk home to break the news to his Father feeling like there was no point in carrying on. John was so clever he ran rings around the other boys and James felt the bike slipping out of reach. When James broke the news his Father, without saying a word, took the bike down from the wall and handed it to James, ‘Take it into the yard and ride it’. Well James didn’t need telling twice and he ran it into the yard whooping for joy before hopping on and pedalling it round furiously until his lungs felt like they were going to burst! When he’d cycled until it felt like his legs were going to fall off his Father took the bike from him and hung it on the wall once more. Having that little taste of freedom snatched away from him almost pushed James over the edge, he knew he needed the bike and if hard work wasn’t going to be enough, maybe hard and smart work might do it.

Swallowing his pride, James decided to ask John for tips on studying and organisation to emulate and then surpass the number one ranked boy, and after a while it started to work. By the time the next ranking was released James had done it! He was the top of his class and finally FINALLY after months of hard work and perseverance, he got his reward. Beaming from ear to ear and with his chest puffed out he ran home to tell his Father who gladly took the bike off the wall and finally passed it to his deserving son.


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