A Little Boy and his Bike (part 2 of 2)

So I bet some of you are hoping that part 2 is going to be where James gets one over his Father for making him work so hard or as one friend said, ‘tell me James gets to do a massive skid on his new bike?’

James getting his bike was the end of the story I’m afraid, although he did say that having to work so hard made his reward even sweeter and that he felt it made him love and cherish the bike more than if he’d just been given it when he asked.

But what has a childhood story from one of my colleagues got to do with me? Well apart from making me remember my first bike, a bright red ‘Poppy’ bike with streamers on the handlebars, it also made me think:


What is it that gives you a fire in your belly and inspires you to be better? What drives you towards greatness? I kept turning the story over in my mind, thinking about that grim determination to reach his goal that kept James on the straight and narrow.

I need to get a Chopper of my very own. Not a bike to ride round my yard whilst whooping and hollering but a something to work towards that will give me that fire in the pit of my belly. 2012 is going to be about finding and igniting that spark.

Tell me, what’s your Chopper?


One thought on “A Little Boy and his Bike (part 2 of 2)

  1. Independence. I know it may sound a little vague, but knowing that I would be able to take care of myself and my baby if the times were to get tough, is something that drives me at the moment.

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