In Pictures: 30

So it started like this:

A mantra for life...

Swiftly followed by little nephew calling to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ before giving me a heart warming rendition of a little ditty called ‘I Need a Poo Poo’ before unwrapping my present from S&S my housemates:

They live with me, of COURSE they see the resemblance...

Then it was time to go and get inked and so with my heart in my mouth I hopped in the car and drove to the tattoo shop with a face like this:

Oooh serious...

After squeezing Mermaid’s hand and pulling some crazy faces I left the parlour all wrapped up like this:

Err ouch!

However after a few hours I was brave enough to unveil my new ‘ink’:


After realising I’d thrown away a birthday present by mistake I had to go and fish the most beautiful necklace out of the bin before indulging in some Facetime with big nephew:

Big nephew's left eyebrow!

Who now thinks I’m magic for taking a picture of him without having a camera. After work, Barney and Bean came over with a stunning amber brooch for me:

Isn't it incredible?

I spent the evening with Chicken and Mermaid who put their heads together and came up with a perfect way to celebrate when you can’t really celebrate with ‘mocktails’:

With your eyes closed it could almost be alcoholic...

Knitted Cupcakes:


and an excuse for sparklers and candles without the actual cake:

Yes, it's a bread roll... It was that or an onion!

All in all, a lovely birthday with lovely friends (can I say lovely any more?) leaving me like this:

Utterly content

Utterly content and hangover free!



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