Total NR-What The Heck?

“I’m going to my first Total NRG class tonight” said I.
“Total what in the what?” said everyone else.

The thing is, I wasn’t sure how to answer them because I’m not actually sure what Total NRG is. I’m about to find out though and as I can only find one trainer and there is no sign of my sports bra I’m positively weeing myself at the prospect. I can just imagine myself galumphing about like a one trainered elephant with a big sweaty moon face, my wabs flinging themselves about with glee whilst I try not to trip over my own feet.

Four weeks ago yesterday I had major surgery and although I’m trying to listen to people telling me not to overdo it I’m already back at work and raring to go. I saw one of the surgical team on Friday and he said he was amazed as I didn’t look like I’d had any surgery let alone 4 procedures in one a few short weeks ago. Since surgery I’ve lost 21lbs and am feeling more confident and assured than I ever have been. I’m not saying I’m about to dance about in my grundies or never have another wobble again but I’m in an upswing and I’m loving it.


One thought on “Total NR-What The Heck?

  1. Looking forward to hearing what Total NRG is Have loads of fun & well done on the recovery & weight loss!
    Superstar is what you are!

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