Smashed Out

A quick update before I seize up like that dead Coptic Pope on his throne (seriously, how are they going to get him in a coffin now he’s been sat in state like that?) and have to be winched off the sofa.

Went to Total NRG tonight and was glad to see the instructor was feeling better, it gave me hope that she wasn’t going to be a sadistic witch aiming to punish us. Then she explained that someone had been fiddling with her iPod and thus her music was banjaxed.


What followed was an hour of our usual routine (for this six week block) interspersed with whatever she felt like putting us through whenever she was surprised by what the iPod kicked out. Which was quite often indeed. Combined with my new drive to push myself to my limits I sweated and grunted more than I ever have in order to keep up with it all.

I’ve attended three classes now and at the beginning I’d have laughed in your damn face if you’d asked me if I could do ten sit-ups. Five was my absolute maximum. Tonight I smashed out ten sets of eight (yes, that does mean EIGHTY) in our abs section and yes I wanted to give up and was internally screaming expletives but I motherfunking DID IT.

Then I got in my car, turned up Rizzle Kicks really loudly and did badass faces in the mirror as I drove home feeling rather proud of myself indeed.


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